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... while fostering deeper connection with your children.

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... with lovable characters who overcome life's challenges to find peace, love, and connection.
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Conscious Stories are here to help your children talk about their feelings.
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Teaching Children To Access Their Heart And Get Free From Sticky Thoughts
Meet The Author

My name is Andrew Newman. I love all things creative and spiritual - especially kids! I've written books that help families connect at the end of those hectic days filled with growing, loving, and learning. I have trained and worked in healing and community building for many years which is demonstrated in the amount of detail and attention I've given to the impact of each book. These stories come to me in moments of clear sight and understanding. They feel like a gift to me, and I hope to pass that on to you and yours. Welcome to Conscious Stories - I hope it blesses your family!

Connect more with your children.

Each bedtime story guides you through snuggle-breath meditation, a mindful journey, and conscious conversation.

What People Are Saying...


"Andrew's books allow parents to ease into themselves so that they can open the space up for a deeper connection with their children at night."

Dr Shefali Tsabary



A sure-fire way to nurture moms as they nurture their children before bed.

Suzi Lula



"These delightful stories remind me of the wholeness and Oneness of life. They are a great gift to young and old."

Anna Breytenbach


Designed to Develop Imagination

Each and every story is written to spark imagination and creativity in your children.

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The 20-book Gift-pack is the best value for money, giving your little one the gift that continues to give long after the story is told. Our collection of Conscious Stories includes books perfect for ages 3-8. Cultivated for families to connect in that precious 20 minutes at bedtime, each book features a breathing exercise to calm and connect the whole family.

Explore conscious concepts — including self-love, belonging, peace, honoring nature, finding love, and making choices — with fun, lovable characters, and engage in connecting conversations with prompts at the end. This collection includes the following books: (Click on the names to view individual books)

Does not include:

You can also bundle this with 8 printable coloring pages from each story for endless family fun. The coloring pages are a download that you can print at home. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews

very excellent


I ordered 20 books worth $250 and got 6 only
I contacted them and no response, very disappointed

karla marin
I love this stories

We have enjoyed each of the stories since the very moment they arrived.
Leo our 9 years old son, looks for any opportunity to discover a new story, we read them together and he curls up , interested ready to sleep, with a warm feeling in our heart... he also reads them alone and leaves it to us to make sure that mom and dad read it and we can talk about it at dinner.
The fact that he is so interested in the midst of an abundant and interesting library that he has is the best compliment/reference that thesse beautiful collection of stories that touch the soul can have.

The Best Present a Newborn or Their Older Siblings Can Get.

I give a set to ever family who has a new kid. I like to stock the shelves with these valuable books. I always get a report on which ones the children become obsessed with. And it changes month to month.

I will be buying cases of these books for years to come.


My daughter loves them—excellent books with beautiful learning lessons.