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What We Offer (Online and/or In-Person)

Have the author, Andrew Newman, visit the classroom via Zoom for one of his patented Storytimes!

Andrew specializes in Mindfulness Moments focused on cultivating a love and appreciation of silence in and out of the classroom. He helps children and teachers fall inwards into silence, cultivating calm and comfort.

These visits are focused on introducing the basics of using breath to feel calmer and happier. We do the snuggle breathing meditation, followed by reading The Boy Who Searched For Silence which helps kids to find silence within themselves. The The Hug Who Got Stuck helps us connect with our hearts. Suitable across all ages.

If there is time, Andrew will lead a group creative writing process to encourage student creativity and love of writing stories. Teachers can continue with the basic breathing practices in class and help pupils evolve their individual creative writing.

Time: Half Day (5 hours)

The evening bedtime ritual is a key moment to support your children, nourish your relationship and give you the confidence you need to know you are being great parents. This talk builds off Andrew’s TEDx talk and empowers you to make the most of the end of each day so that your kids wake up with confidence and high self esteem. Learn about:

• How to heal trauma at night while sleeping.

• The importance of your snuggles to create confidence for them and you!

• The value of basic mindfulness and presence with kids.

• How to attune with children to reduce stressful interactions.

• How to use breath to help kids self- regulate.

• Social and emotional skills your child wants to learn from you (and how to model them)

• The Conscious Discipline Brain State model to inspire self discipline.

• 4 things you can influence to create a better connection at bedtime.

Time: 60 mins.

Story-time is so much more than reading a book. It is rich with hidden mystery that you can use to lead children into some of the longest standing lessons and memories of their lives. Central to story time is the experience of self-recognition and identification with the characters in the story. Am I like the character? Or different to them? Have I faced their challenge before? Can I learn from them? Please join in this playful exploration of story where we will discuss:

• The role of story at different times of the day.

• How you can set the atmosphere for best receptivity.

• The benefit of making up a new story to help teach a skill.

• The power of story to create safety and belonging.

• Encouraging parents to read in the last 20 minutes of the day.

• Why the repetition of favorite stories is helpful.

• Bringing the characters to life outside of storytime.

• The difference between reading with and reading to.

Time: 1-3 Hour Workshop



"Andrew’s ability to connect deeply with our children, to engage in their ideas, and create amazing stories inspired all of us. As a talented author, Andrew’s stories get to their heart of humanity in language that children understand. We were absolutely thrilled to host Andrew Newman as our Writer-in-Residence at Bixby School. I can’t recommend Andrew highly enough!"

Beth Suitor (Head of School)



"We bring speakers into our preschool every other month, and Andrew was such a favorite that we’ve invited him back multiple times. Our community of working parents is always looking for ways to maximize the time they have with their children. Andrew Newman brought a magical, inspiring evening to them, touching hearts and giving families tools for connection. Citing recent neuroscience and developmental psychology, Andrew provided us with suggestions for evening rituals involving mindfulness practices that are both achievable and meaningful for children. He wrapped up by gathering the children for a read-through of one of his enchanting and stunningly illustrated Conscious Bedtime Stories. Andrew will be one of the most uniquely engaging speakers your school will provide to your families."

Little Lyceum Montessori, Denver



Listening to Andrew read “The Hug Who Got Stuck,” in a room full of educators and caring professionals, was absolutely mesmerizing. At that point, I knew I needed to connect my preschool families with his powerful message. Andrew was able to share his meaningful stories with our preschool-fourth graders, where he shared how he created the stories, the trials and tribulations of a children’s book author, and his presence of using breathing and awareness to regulate and reflect on one’s emotions. Additionally, he provided an informative and interactive parent workshop, modeling activities to connect with young children, and sharing his message of creating meaningful relationships with our children. To further the professional development of our staff, Andrew facilitated a session of reflection and growth, which not only supported our staff in their ability to relate to their students, but also allowed for personal reflection regarding thoughts, beliefs, and self-care. Andrew Newman, and his collection of Conscious Bedtime Stories, has made a valuable impact on our school, staff, and community. We look forward to future book titles to add to our new collection!

Melissa McCullough