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Help Your Children Grow The Right Way

Conscious Stories designed to help you connect more deeply with your children. Buy The Conscious Stories Book Bundle, because the last 20 minutes of every day are precious.

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Meet 22 lovable characters who overcome life's challenges to find peace, love, and connection.

We Make Mindfulness Kid-Friendly

Each bedtime story guides you through snuggle-breath meditation, a mindful journey, and conscious conversation.

Our Conscious


The Conscious Bedtime community connects conscious caregivers who seek a richer relationship with their children.


The Inspiration Behind The Books

The last 20 minutes of each day helps children integrate their day's lessons and experiences, allows them to let go of negativity, and fall asleep feeling safe and loved. Together at bedtime, taking relaxing breaths and discussing the day over a sweet story, you foster a familial sense of belonging and conscious connection that will support your children through the rest of their live

Parents and Children LOVE Our Books!


"Andrew’s books allow parents to ease into themselves so that they can open the space for deeper connection with their children at night."

Dr Shefali Tsabary

Author of The Conscious Parent and The Awakened Family; Clinical Psychologist


"A sure-fire way to nurture moms as they nurture their children before bed."

Suzi Lula

Agape-licensed Spiritual Counselor and Author of The Motherhood Evolution


"These delightful stories remind me of the wholeness and Oneness of life. They are a great gift to young and old."

Anna Breytenbach

The Animal Communicator

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Cultivated for families to connect in that precious 20 minutes at bedtime, and includes goodies perfect for ages 3-12.


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The 20-book Gift-pack is the best value for money, giving your little one the gift that continues to give long after the story is told.


Andrew Newman

andrew newman

I love all things creative and spiritual, especially kids! I've now written 22 books that I hope help families connect at the end of those hectic days filled with growing, loving, and learning. I have been training and working in healing and community building for many years which is demonstrated in the amount of detail and attention I've given to each book.

These stories come to me in moments of clear sight and understanding. They feel like a gift to me, and I hope to pass that on to you and yours. Welcome to Conscious Stories!